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The bacSpot history

The construction of the bacSpot Robot, as the first platform on which today’s developments are based, dates back to the 2010s. In the overall portfolio of the AID group, the bacSpot Robot initially represented only a niche product, beause the focus was clearly on the wide range of reader systems for multiwell plates. Due to increasing enquiries regarding our extraordinary solution for fully automatic colony counting and an associated market demand analysis, the potential of the bacSpot Robot was reevaluated a few years ago and extensive technical developments were further initiated. Since the bacSpot Robot is a system solution that can be adapted to customer requirements, particularly in the software but also in the hardware area, the potential of the software and the device grows continuously through each project with our customer partners. Flexibility and creativity play a crucial role here.

The first bacSpot development line was designed for processing 90mm agar plates. In 2020, another platform for 60 mm plates was added, which was redesigned in a modified form due to the greater leverage forces required for plate processing. With these two exceptional bacSpot sibling systems, we can now offer powerful yet easy-to-use solutions for the respective main plate formats. The technology of the bacSpot software and hardware is constantly being further developed and is becoming increasingly important in the portfolio of the AID group of companies.

You are on the spot!

Please contact us to clarify your questions and equipment requirements. If you are interested, our service unit will gladly advise you in detail about preceding feasibility tests and the following procedure.

As the bacSpot systems can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, we also offer to discuss individual solutions with you in the group of experts in Strassberg during an on-site demonstration (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


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