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bacSpot Robot Colony Counter

Your customized solution for fully automated counting of colony-forming microorganisms and plate sorting

  • Automated colony counting and plate processing
  • High throughput processing of stacked plates
  • Automatic plate sorting according to freely selectable threshold
  • Integration in LIMS and automatic data management
  • Wide range of analysis tools

bacSpot Robot Colony Counter

Ihre maßgeschneiderte Lösung für die vollautomatische Zählung koloniebildender Mikroorganismen und Plattensortierung

  • Automatisierte Koloniezählung und Plattenbearbeitung
  • Hochdurchsatzverarbeitung von Plattenstapeln
  • Automatische Plattensortierung nach frei wählbarem Schwellenwert
  • Einbindung in LIMS und automatisches Datenmanagement
  • Vielfältige Analysenwerkzeuge

Processing Various Plate Types

60 mm and 90 mm plates from every major manufacturer

Precise Counting of Various CFUs

Algorithm customizable for numerous colony forming units

Easy Workflow Integration

Includes barcode scanner for easy integration in your QC workflow

processing various plate types

60 mm and 90 mm plates from every major manufacturer

precise counting of various CFUs

algorithm customizable for numerous colony forming units

easy workflow Integration

includes barcode scanner for easy integration in your QC workflow

AID bacSpot Robot Systems

Efficiency and Constant Measurements

The AID bacSpot Robot is your automated Colony Counter for every application. The automation of colony counting on agar plates will become increasingly important in the future, not only to relieve employees of the demanding visual counting work and to free up capacities for more meaningful occupation. But even to guarantee and ensure constant results and carefree automatic documentation from a regulatory perspective.

Two Different Models – One Principle

60mm and 90mm Plates

With the bacSpot Robot systems we present two models, one for 90mm plates and one for 60mm plates, which have been developed for automatic counting of colony forming bacteria, yeasts and moulds on different types of agar. Both models have the ability to sort plates into colony positives or negatives according to freely selectable threshold values. The plates are processed in high-throughput mode.
The AID bacSpot Robot is the automated colony counter for hightrouhput of 90mm and 60mm agar plates
The algorithm of the AID bacSpot Robot automated colony counter can be adapted for your applications

Tailor-Made Algorithms

Individual Industry and Application Solutions

Based on an enormous set of adjustable measurement parameters, sophisticated illumination methods and the modular algorithm structure, the bacSpot systems can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. This approach thus enables solutions for a wide range of applications and resorts in pharmaceutical industry, food and drinking water control, environmental investigations and more.

Preset bacSpot Systems

Easy Operation and Handling

The philosophy behind the bacSpot systems is to provide customers with a device that has been perfectly prepared at AID for their stereotypically recurring tasks. The simple batch loading as well as a quick start for operating the system with just a few mouse clicks makes working with the device intuitive and convenient. The results can be automatically exported to LIMS, Excel etc. and also merged with other data.
The AID bacSpot Robot automated colony counter can separate plates in positive and negative stacks according to your threshold
The AID bacSpot ML colony counter is suitable for various plate formats and low troughput

AID bacSpot ML

The Automatic Colony Counter Solution for Smaller Amounts of Plates

With its sophisticated illumination construction and software the AID bacSpot ML ensures comfortable counting and proper documentation of results. Due to the versatile software capabilities this smaller device does not stand behind the robotic system in terms of analysis or data integration. The AID bacSpot ML is suitable for various plate formats and low plate throughput. The AID bacSpot ML is not an off-the-shelf solution but rather a development platform for the robot system.

Compatibility – Customer-Side Consumables*

*Suitability will be clarified individually beforehand


The systems are suitable for a wide range of plates e.g. pour plates, settle plates, spiral plates, plates with filter or contact plates


Suitability is given for a huge variety of agar types (from transparent, translucent to opaque)


flexibly customizable counting algorithm allows for accurate analysis within many applications


  • Processing of up to 250 plates/h (90mm robot) or up to 150 plates/h (60mm robot)
  • Processing of 100 plates/run (90mm), or 150 plates/run respectively (60mm)
  • Data merging of multiple runs in a single batch of up to 999 plates
  • Simple batch loading of the agar plates
  • Easily removable and incubatable carousels
  • Automatic plate sorting (pos/neg) according to freely selectable threshold
  • Advanced illumination techniques for image capture (transmitted light, reflected light & dark field)
  • Flexible modular algorithms for image evaluation that can be adapted to customer requirements
  • Detection of complex colony morphologies and differentiation of heteromorphic colony mixtures through multi-parameter adjustment
  • Barcode use and generation
  • General integration into LIMS systems possible (CSV format)
  • Data export to MS Excel, TXT, HTML
  • Data merging with data from other devices (e.g. Tecan)
  • Predefined rules: evaluation of settle plates according to FDA requirements (Aerobic plate counting / APC)
  • User definable counting rule generator: spiral plate evaluation, dilution assay, growth control, sterility control
  • Time loop processing for growth control
  • Audit trail and plate history (action logs)
  • Fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • GLP-compliant (good laboratory practice)
  • User administration on 3 levels with individually assignable user rights
  • Integrated module for quality control

You are on the spot!

Please contact us to clarify your questions and equipment requirements. If you are interested, our service unit will gladly advise you in detail about preceding feasibility tests and the following procedure.

As the bacSpot systems can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, we also offer to discuss individual solutions with you in the group of experts in Strassberg during an on-site demonstration (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


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