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bacSpot ML
Colony Counter – Single Plate Colony Counter

AID bacSpot ML is the automatic colony counter solution for smaller amounts of plates. With its sophisticated illumination construction and software the AID bacSpotML ensures comfortable counting and proper documentation of results. Due to the versatile software capabilities this smaller device does not stand behind the robotic system in terms of analysis or data integration.

processing various plate types

60 mm and 90 mm plates from every major manufacturer

precise counting of various CFUs

algorithm customizable for numerous colony forming units

easy workflow Integration

includes barcode scanner for easy integration in your QC workflow

bacSpot ML System

Plate Flexibility and Analysis Power

With the bacSpot ML we offer customers a colony counter for the evaluation of single plates. This manually loaded device was originally designed as a technology carrier for the bacSpot Robot. Operated by a software version adapted for the bacSpot ML, but equivalent in its functions to the bacSpot Robot, it is in no way inferior to the evaluation possibilities of the high-throughput devices. The bacSpot ML is suitable for various plate formats and low plate throughput.

Colonies in Spotlight

Flexible Lighting and Colony Display

One of the fundamental strengths of the bacSpot systems are the sophisticated lighting units for image acquisition and subsequent image processing. The bacSpot ML with its highly adjustable reflected-light, transmitted-light and darkfield options provides an optimal analysis tool for colonies that are very difficult to depict. The stage lighting can be freely adjusted in its degree of freedom in height and angle above the object.

You are on the spot!

Please contact us to clarify your questions and equipment requirements. If you are interested, our service unit will gladly advise you in detail about preceding feasibility tests and the following procedure.

As the bacSpot systems can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, we also offer to discuss individual solutions with you in the group of experts in Strassberg during an on-site demonstration (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


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