Single plate reader


Colony counting on multiple plate formats

The AID bacSpot, a single plate Colony Counter and Zone Sizer was designed for low to medium throughput labs.

The system can be obtained either as a single reader or in a hardware package together with one of the robotic systems.

Plate formats to be analyzed can be various, ranging from 60 mm, 90 mm round agar plates to a maximum of 10 cm x 10 cm square agar plates.

Analysis time is less than 5 seconds per plate.

Barcode reader on demand.

The system can be used in:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry (vitamin testing, vaccine testing)
  • Food Microbiology (food testing, milk testing, quality testing)
  • Environmental Microbiology (water testing, air testing)
  • Health care Microbiology (antibiotic testing, identification of microorganisms)
  • ...and where ever a fast, validated and accurate automated colony counter and zone sizer is needed.


Here you can download our current product overview.