AID BacSpot Robot System: A Revolutionary New Tool for Fully Automated Colony Counting

AID BacSpot Robot, 90mm or 60mm AGAR Plate Reader

The AID BacSpot Robot, HACCP, FDA, Zone, Antibiotic  Colony Counter, Zone Reader


Camera Firewire color camera
Resolution High quality 1,3 megapixel (upgradeable to 5 megapixel).
Colony resolution 0,1mm up to 0,07mm
Illumination Long life high quality LED light!
Power input 110/220 volts
Dimensions 800x950x500mm
Weight 35kg
PC connection USB, Firewire
PC control unit High-end Intel™ PC
Plates per hour ~150-200
Measurement time per plate 1-5sec
Max colonies per plate up to 50000
Max. plates per run 100
Printer High quality photo printer
Barcode Integrated, automatic
Screen 19"
Software Colony counting software, Zone measurement software.


The AID BacSpot System family is a group of automated colony counters, designed for microbiological laboratories which need to screen and analyse a huge amount of bacterial colonies and other organisms such as virus plaques, mold and yeast on different kinds of agar plates.

The AID BacSpot Robot 90mm (BacRob09) colony counter is suitable for high throughput analysing of 90mm Petri dishes. The system takes up to 100 plates in one run, up to 999 plates can be analysed in one project. Various algorithm for special counting needs (e.g. Staphylococcus counting mode) are implemented.

The AID BacSpot machines are equipped with a user friendly, intuitive colony counting software which allows to analyse plates either fully automated or in a manually way. In addition a Zone Sizing software module for use in antibiotic resistance testing approaches is available on request without any extra costs.

All AID BacSpot Systems are made to be fully compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Rules on Electronic Records and Electronic Signature. For unrestricted use in the European Union all AID BacSpot Systems carry the CE certification label.



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