Software Features


  • Counting of pour-, surface inoculated- and spiral-plates
  • Seperation of negative and positive plates according to user-defined counting thresholds
  • Automatic and manual differentiation of colonies according to size, colour, shape and other parameters
  • Manual counting with Touchscreen technology
  • Grid removal algorithm on contact plates
  • Pre-and Post-incubation counting mode to facilitate removal of unwanted background objects
  • Sets of different algorithms (e.g. Staphylococcus auto recognition)
  • User definable counting rule generator and prefixed rules (e.g. APC-counting)
  • Integrated quality control module
  • User defined export to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), MS Excel and txt-format
  • Import from external sources such as LIMS
  • Open-ended database
  • Three User level (Administrator, Advanced User, User)
  • Barcode generator tool, barcode reader
  • Laboratory customized result sheet display
  • Manually counting or fully automated counting
  • Software controlled and user specific Light-, Camera- and Count-settings
  • Validated for use in QC-labs
  • Software wizard to facilitate working
  • "Colony Counter" and "Zone sizer" software modules
  • Digital zooming
  • Original BacSpot™ real-time algorithms for precise colony recognition and counting
  • Count accurately even thousands of colonies
  • Plate history and audit trails
  • Fully compliant with FDA 21CFR part 11
  • Complies with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • And many more features.......

Software counting examples
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Bacterial plate counted bacterial plate
Enterococcus Enterococcus counted with AID BacSpot digital colony counter
Food and drug plate example Food and drug plate example counted
Image Image
bacteria growed on the grid counted on the BacSpot colony counter
Contact plate (Heipha manufacturer) Heipha plate oriented and counted
Heipha plate with growed colonies Image
Heipha plate with another colonies Image
Image Image
Huntingdon weak cells cells counted
quad plates to count regions counted plate with four regions
contact plate with red grid Counted with AID BacSpot colony counter