The AID BacSpot™ System family is a growing group of automated colony counters, designed for microbiological laboratories which need to screen and analyse a huge amount of bacterial colonies and other organisms such as virus plaques, fungi and yeast on different kind of agar plates.

Since many biological procedures in the microbiological field depend on an accurate count of organisms, the precise manual enumeration of many colonies on lots of plates could be very a time consuming and boring job. Furthermore there is increasing need to store raw data such as images and counting results for quality control reasons. Storing data via a software supported media also creates the possibility to analyse and compare over a long period of time.

Last but not least the variations in manual counting between different technicians are known to be enormous. In an attempt to speed up colony counting processes and to greatly improve the counting accuracy in microbiological institutes AID has started to process automated colony counter which greatly facilitate counting tasks, in this manner saving time and money. AID has thereby taken benefit from it’s long-term experience in manufacturing automated imaging analysers such as the AID Elispot Reader Systems  which are the most successful EliSpot analysers in the world, or the AID CytoSpot Reader Systems, automated processors for analysing fluorescent based assays on slides.

All AID BacSpot Systems are designed to be fully compliant with Good Laboratory Practice  (GLP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Rules on Electronic Records and Electronic Signature. For unrestricted use in the European Union all AID BacSpot Systems carry the CE certification label.